About Us

  • 2003

    Foundation of the company
  • 2005

    ISO 9001 Certification
  • 2009

    Move to new established self owned facilities
  • 2013

    Establish the Athens office
  • 2016

    GDPR compliance
Petriview company was founded in 2003, as Iatriki Tomi L.P.. to serve Laboratory needs.
Among our company's activities is the production of Urine Test Strips, under the brand name Petriview.
In October 2009, our company was moved to new facilities.
Since then, the company operates in newly-built, privately owned, and customized for it's purpose facilities, on the 2nd km Providential Road from Lagada to Kolhiko, 20 minutes from the center of Thessaloniki.
In the year 2013, we established our Athens office.
Our company complies with the principle for Total Quality Management.
Additionally the company meets the new ISO9001/2015 standards , storing data for each LOT of all the distributed items according to standards.
Our products have been Approved from the National Organization for Medicines (EOF) and registered on the new Medical Devices Database (GREMDIS) in order to comply all quality criteria, for safe and legal distribution of our products.
At the same time, our main goal, is to offer the best available quality, value for money.
In May 2018, by harmonizing the company with the European Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR), the Company has internally appointed a Person, as Data Protector Officer (DPO).
We invest on long term coopperation, using win-win-win format, to establish succesfull agreements.

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